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Re: Joystick portability questions...

> 	The old Commodore computers (C-64, Amiga, etc) used a DB-9 port for
> all their joysticks, and the Genesis controller worked in it... has anyone
> tried any of these joysticks on a Linux box? Unfortunately, most of the
> joysticks meant for the Commodore computers only had one button...

>From the looks of it they have to connect to the parallel port.
>From joystick.txt FAQ section:

  Q: Is it possible to connect my old Atari/Commodore/Amiga/console joystick
or pad that uses a 9-pin D-type cannon connector to the serial port of my
  A: Yes, it is possible, but it'll burn your serial port or the pad. It
won't work, of course.

I don't suppose some company has started selling parallel port connectors
for the various controllers.  (I do software not hardware.)

Dennis Payne