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Re: Dead links

In article <MPG.11e19ee29313d6b3989682@sunsite.auc.dk>, 
ptiseo@mediaone.net says...
> In article <37772583.35FEA3A2@rz.uni-wuerzburg.de>, reiniger@rz.uni-
> wuerzburg.de says...
> > All Links excepth the "SDKs" one on the main Tools page are dead. They
> > should at least point to some template pages. BTW, Bert - are you still
> > alive? The Site=B4s Links section lists many tools that do not appear in
> > the Tools section.
> 	Bert and I have discussed this fact. We need more people for that 
> section to do reviews of all various tools. Bert cannot review all 
> packages available out there. It would be a Herculean task.
> 	Does anyone which to participate and help Bert out?

	I forgot to add. Empty LGDC pages with a call for help have been 
added rather than having dead links.
Paul Tiseo