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Re: game_for_learning

Heinz GÖD wrote:

>and therefore I am seeking people, who would like carry out this project 
>with me. I contact You because
>I like the philosophy of LINUX and because I believe that the game goes 
>well with LINUX.
>To be fair to You I have to say that I had offered the idea at first to 
>EduGames then to Microsoft -
>both in the internet established as game developers, LINUX and his 
>philosophy I found later — but both
>didn’t answer - I suspected this and therefore I had safeguarded the 

Linux certainly needs (more) educational games. I wish you success  with
your idea.

Anyway, the best way to startwith this is, well, to just do it. Set up a
little website detailing your ideas (don't forget mentioning your mail
adress) and just start working on it. Aim for a very simple version, try to
create something working soon. If people are interested they will come and
help. The more substance your game has the more likely it will attract


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