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[or-cvs] r7043: note three more bugs we should resolve (tor/trunk/doc)

Author: arma
Date: 2006-08-13 20:28:44 -0400 (Sun, 13 Aug 2006)
New Revision: 7043

note three more bugs we should resolve

Modified: tor/trunk/doc/TODO
--- tor/trunk/doc/TODO	2006-08-13 23:38:30 UTC (rev 7042)
+++ tor/trunk/doc/TODO	2006-08-14 00:28:44 UTC (rev 7043)
@@ -24,8 +24,14 @@
     until we've fetched correct ones.
   - If the client's clock is too far in the past, it will drop (or
     just not try to get) descriptors, so it'll never build circuits.
+  - bug #308: if Tor writes a bad datestamp to its datadir files, it
+    will then refuse to start even if you fix your clock.
 Items for 0.1.2.x:
+  - bug #280: getaddrinfo does not set hints
+  - bug #314: is the fix for this just to check not only
+    address_is_in_virtual_range(req->address) but also to check whether
+    ent = strmap_get(addressmap, address) and ent->new_address is set?
   - enumerate events of important things that occur in tor, so vidalia can
   - We should ship with a list of stable dir mirrors -- they're not