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[or-cvs] put anchors into the volunteer page

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put anchors into the volunteer page

Index: volunteer.wml
RCS file: /home2/or/cvsroot/website/en/volunteer.wml,v
retrieving revision 1.9
retrieving revision 1.10
diff -u -p -d -r1.9 -r1.10
--- volunteer.wml	12 Jan 2006 16:21:41 -0000	1.9
+++ volunteer.wml	19 Jan 2006 06:35:47 -0000	1.10
@@ -26,7 +26,8 @@ services. Get them to tell their friends
   security, let them know about us.</li>
+<a id="Installers"></a>
+<h2><a class="anchor" href="#Installers">Installers</a></h2>
 <li>Extend our NSIS-based Windows installer to include Privoxy. Include
 a preconfigured config file to work well with Tor. We might also want
@@ -41,7 +42,8 @@ needs a maintainer, so we can get back t
 you have RPM fu, please help out.</li>
-<h2>Usability and Interface</h2>
+<a id="Usability"></a>
+<h2><a class="anchor" href="#Usability">Usability and Interface</a></h2>
 <li>We need a way to intercept DNS requests so they don't "leak" while
 we're trying to be anonymous. (This happens because the application does
@@ -84,7 +86,8 @@ href="http://archives.seul.org/or/talk/J
 for details.</li>
+<a id="Documentation"></a>
+<h2><a class="anchor" href="#Documentation">Documentation</a></h2>
 <li>Please volunteer to help maintain this website: code, content,
 css, layout. Step one is to hang out on the IRC channel until we
@@ -113,7 +116,8 @@ programs that interface to Tor</a>. Whic
 situations? Please help us test them out and document your results.</li>
-<h2>Coding and Design</h2>
+<a id="Coding"></a>
+<h2><a class="anchor" href="#Coding">Coding and Design</a></h2>
 <li>We recommend Privoxy as a good scrubbing web proxy, but it's
 unmaintained and still has bugs, especially on Windows. While we're at
@@ -200,7 +204,8 @@ great to see that list get shorter.</li>
 first place to start.</li>
+<a id="Research"></a>
+<h2><a class="anchor" href="#Research">Research</a></h2>
 <li>The "website fingerprinting attack": make a list of a few
 hundred popular websites, download their pages, and make a set of