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[or-cvs] r10826: eventdns seems to run fine on osx, rpm-based linuxes, and wi (tor/trunk/doc)

Author: phobos
Date: 2007-07-13 22:32:19 -0400 (Fri, 13 Jul 2007)
New Revision: 10826

eventdns seems to run fine on osx, rpm-based linuxes, and win32.
Include it in the build instructions.

Modified: tor/trunk/doc/tor-osx-dmg-creation.txt
--- tor/trunk/doc/tor-osx-dmg-creation.txt	2007-07-13 16:14:08 UTC (rev 10825)
+++ tor/trunk/doc/tor-osx-dmg-creation.txt	2007-07-14 02:32:19 UTC (rev 10826)
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
 do a configure with these parameters:
      CONFDIR=/Library/Tor ./configure --prefix=/Library/Tor \
      --bindir=/Library/Tor --sysconfdir=/Library  \
-     --enable-static --disable-shared
+     --enable-eventdns --enable-static --disable-shared
 3) In same top level dir, do a "make dist-osx".  There now exists a
 .dmg file in the same directory.  Install from this dmg.

Modified: tor/trunk/doc/tor-rpm-creation.txt
--- tor/trunk/doc/tor-rpm-creation.txt	2007-07-13 16:14:08 UTC (rev 10825)
+++ tor/trunk/doc/tor-rpm-creation.txt	2007-07-14 02:32:19 UTC (rev 10826)
@@ -53,3 +53,14 @@
 This parameter controls the target operating system.  Normally, this is
 only "linux".  If you wish to build rpms for a non-linux operating
 system, you can replace "linux" with your operating system.
+The process used to create the distributed rpms is as follows:
+Download and Extract the latest tor source code from https://tor.eff.org/.
+In the Tor directory:
+./configure --enable-eventdns --enable-static --disable-shared
+make dist-rpm
+You should have at least two, maybe three, rpms.  There should be the binary
+i386.rpm, a src.rpm, and on redhat/centos machines, a debuginfo.rpm.

Modified: tor/trunk/doc/tor-win32-mingw-creation.txt
--- tor/trunk/doc/tor-win32-mingw-creation.txt	2007-07-13 16:14:08 UTC (rev 10825)
+++ tor/trunk/doc/tor-win32-mingw-creation.txt	2007-07-14 02:32:19 UTC (rev 10826)
@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@
 Type "tar zxf latest-tor-alpha.tar.gz"
 cd tor-<version>
-Type "./configure --enable-static --disable-shared"
+Type "./configure --enable-eventdns --enable-static --disable-shared"
 Type "make"
 You now have a tor.exe in src/or/.  This is Tor.