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[or-cvs] r10958: start planning for a (tor/branches/tor-0_1_2-patches/doc)

Author: arma
Date: 2007-07-28 20:05:47 -0400 (Sat, 28 Jul 2007)
New Revision: 10958

start planning for a

Modified: tor/branches/tor-0_1_2-patches/doc/TODO.012
--- tor/branches/tor-0_1_2-patches/doc/TODO.012	2007-07-28 22:14:42 UTC (rev 10957)
+++ tor/branches/tor-0_1_2-patches/doc/TODO.012	2007-07-29 00:05:47 UTC (rev 10958)
@@ -1,29 +1,8 @@
 Backport items for 0.1.2:
-  o r10148: open cached-routers with FILE_SHARE_READ on win32.
-  o r10240,10242: avoid choosing family of exit as guard.
-  o r10248: handle lack of nul at end of mmaped data.
-  o r10346: Try even harder not to look at the first byte after an mmap.
-  o r10376, r10396: Fix segfaults in directory code
-  o r10478: stop tearing down entire circuits because the user asked for
-	    a nonexistent hidden service port
-  o r10493: weight guard selection by bandwidth
-  o r10495: change an assert into a tor_assert
-  o r10521: fix an impossible^Wapparently real memory leak
-  o r10524: make the LICENSE and AUTHORS files mention Tor.
-  o r10563: use correct types with desc_digest_map.
-  o r10566: build correctly on systems where size_t is bigger than ulong. 
-  o r10643: eventdns.c behavior fix for solaris.
-  o r10730: Don't choose guards after any never-connected-to guard.
-  o r10760: fix possible buffer overrun in old BSD natd code
-  o r10790: Don't include reasons in destroy cells from the origin.
-  o Some fix for bug 455.
-  o r10830 if nick thinks it's a real fix
-  X r10835 (no need to backport i think, the code is way different)
+  - r10956: fix the math for exit bandwidth weighting
 Backport for 0.1.2.x once better tested:
   - r10579: new addsysuser implementation for osx (??)
   - Some fix for bug 438
   - coderman's constrained socket buffers patch