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[or-cvs] r9868: Update mingw instructions for -trunk. (tor/trunk/doc)

Author: phobos
Date: 2007-03-18 09:47:08 -0400 (Sun, 18 Mar 2007)
New Revision: 9868

Update mingw instructions for -trunk.

Modified: tor/trunk/doc/tor-win32-mingw-creation.txt
--- tor/trunk/doc/tor-win32-mingw-creation.txt	2007-03-18 04:30:29 UTC (rev 9867)
+++ tor/trunk/doc/tor-win32-mingw-creation.txt	2007-03-18 13:47:08 UTC (rev 9868)
@@ -13,8 +13,14 @@
 Download the mingw developer tool kit:
-Install mingw, msys and mingw-dtk.
+Download the mingw autoconf-2.59 update:
+Install mingw, msys and mingw-dtk.  Extract msys-autoconf-2.59.tar.bz2 into
+your mingw install location.  For example, if you installed mingw into
+/c/mingw/1.0/ you want to extract msys-autoconf-2.59.tar.bz2 into this
 Create a directory called "tor-mingw".
 Stage Two:  Download, extract, compile openssl
@@ -80,14 +86,13 @@
 Stage Four: Download, extract, and patch libevent-1.1b.
-Download libevent-1.3b:
+Download the latest libevent release:
 Copy the libevent tarball into the "tor-mingw" directory.
 Type "cd tor-mingw"
-Extract libevent: 
-Type "tar zxf libevent-1.3b.tar.gz"
+Extract libevent. 
 Type "./configure --enable-static --disable-shared"
 --------------------libevent 1.3b only---------------------------------------
@@ -113,3 +118,16 @@
 You now have a tor.exe in src/or/.  This is Tor.
 You now have a tor_resolve.exe in src/tools/.
+Stage Six:  Build the installer
+Install the latest NSIS:
+Run the package script in contrib:
+From the Tor build directory above, run:
+The resulting Tor installer executable is in ./win_tmp/.