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Re: Uptime Sanity Checking

On Thu, 08 Mar 2007, Damon Liwanu Mc Coy wrote:

> We propose that uptime be capped at two months.
> Currently there are approximetly 50 nodes with this
> amount of uptime, and the average uptime is around 9
> days. This cap would prevent these 50 nodes from
> being displaced by an attacker.

Could you please explain to me what the point of this change is?
Especially in the light that - to my understanding - Tor only ever uses
the median of the uptime values, never the average. Assuming my
understanding is correct this would effectively be a non-op, isn't that

This patch is aimed at preventing a number of malicious servers from advertising arbitrarily high uptimes. Currently, this could be used to displace entry guards by raising the median uptime value for the network. Our fix would cap the median uptime value at 2 months (rather than n years, centuries, millennia, etc. as is currently possible).