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Re: dmca takedown, was: Recommended VPS ISPs?

so, they blame you.
(or at least expect you to waste your time on fixing their problem for them, if they can't limit their crappy movies to only play on their own crappy platform, that's really nobody elses "problem" but their own..)

either way, sue the bastards for damages...

mediasentry and ruprotect etc are somewhere down down down on our list of companies to be sued to crap as well, now if everyone just presses charges against them, the problem will be quickly resolved.

(somehow the piratebay case and some other ones are somewhat higher on the priorities list here still, but after we're done with that we're gonna go after dmca spammers for damages and file criminal charges ;)

let's just start with a 10k "processing fee" for dmca spam shall we :P

and indeed, those who have the cash run the show, now who would have more cash, internet providers, which provide a critical infrastructure to most of the western world's population, or some idiots spreading their shitty bullshit movies around which nobody wants in the first place... hmmm... don't be fooled by the rental appartments and cars on mtv-cribs, we paid for our benzes, in cash :P

fuck em.



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On Mon, 9 Aug 2010, Justin Bull wrote:

On 2010-08-09, at 11:40 AM, Olaf Selke <olaf.selke@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I suppose a misguided individual could cause a great deal of confusion
sending fake dmca takedown notices to US ISPs. Having access to the own
reverse dns one could even make the mail headers look authentically
originating from a copyright office.

cheers Olaf

It actually originated from Warner Bros for Inception and Clash of The
Titans torrents. Problem is that the user was using a random port,
thus circumventing my exit policy.