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Re: How to Run High Capacity Tor Relays

Hi Olaf,

on 2010-08-25 13:54 Olaf Selke wrote the following:
> Am 24.08.2010 17:27, schrieb Mike Perry:
>> == Waiting for the Bootstrap and Measurement Process ==
>> Perhaps the most frustrating part of this setup is how long it takes
>> for you to acquire traffic. If you are starting new at an ISP, I would
>> consider only 200-400Mbit for your first month. Hitting that by the
>> end of the month may be a challenge, mostly because their may be dips
>> and total setbacks along the way.
>> The slow rampup is primarily due to limitations in Tor's ability to
>> rapidly publish descriptor updates, and to measure relays.
>> It ends up taking about 2-3 days to hit an observed bandwidth of
>> 2Mbyte/sec per relay, but it can take well over a week or more (Moritz, do
>> you have a better number?) to reach 8-9Mbyte/relay. This is for an
>> Exit node.
> is the slow rampup really the case or rather an urban legend?
> After about 24h the new exits blutmagie2, blutmagie3, and blutmagie4 I
> placed in service this May got the same amount of traffic like the old
> blutmagie. So rampup phase wasn't longer than one day.

You re-used the old keys? Blutmagie retained its guard status.

New TORy0 currently has the same 11000KB/16000KB limits as blutmagie and runs
only one TOR instance. After a couple of days, one core uses ~12% CPU on one
core for only 1500 TCP connects as an exitnode with ample memory.

But it will get serious soon enough. ;)



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