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Re: How to Run High Capacity Tor Relays


Am 30.08.2010 00:46, schrieb coderman:
As far as ethernet cards, the Intel e1000e *should* be theoretically
good, but they seem to fail at properly irq balancing across multiple
CPUs on recent kernels, which can cause you to bottleneck at 100% CPU
on one core.
I think we have finally solved this. At the moment, CPU usage is good and is
not limiting throughput (which could be higher though, not sure if the Tor
network is saturated?).
The key was to enable software Receive Packet Steering (RPS) introduced on
kernel 2.6.35. I wrote a small howto: http://bit.ly/aqkDvR
is there a list of known good cards somewhere?

I wish there was, ie. not that I know of.

i know there were a few recent kernel upgrade tricks to get the most
out of the PRO/1000 PT cards on Linux 2.6.30+. perhaps use of sysstat,
iostat, kprobes, etc. to identify troublespots would be useful. i bet
there's lots of scattered lore on this among the relay ops...

I'm open to suggestions. Find me on Jabber (or post to list). :-)