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Re: [tor-relays] running a relay on a home connection

On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 11:25:15AM +0530, abhiram wrote:
> I am running a tor relay on a home connection. My connection is
> assigned a new ip as the lease expires every few days. So far I am
> fixing this my editing my torrc file with the new address value. Are
> there better ways of handing this?
> One thing that puzzled me was that when I first setup my relay it
> was unable to find the external address of my connection and its
> log files kept complaining that:
> "If x.x.x.x:9030 is not your correct IP address and directory port,
>  please check your relay's configuration"

What program gave that log message? That isn't a log message in Tor.
Maybe Vidalia? Unless you're paraphrasing?

> Obviously it wasn't my ip address, when I looked it up it was from
> another country. So my question is why is my relay advertising this
> specific address?

What operating system, what Tor version, and how did you install it?

I wonder if your /etc/hosts file has a stale address in it, so Tor doesn't
try to guess because your computer has already set its IP address (even
though it's wrong)?


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