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Re: [tor-relays] running a relay on a home connection (abhiram)

hello to everybody,

as there were some alternatives for dynmic DNS handling mentioned, i'd like to add the following:
as with most commercial dyndns providers come conditions (paid account, limited number of hosts, and - what annoys me the most - login after x days, etc.) i want to point you to https://nsupdate.info.

this is an open-source project which offers dynamic DNS service with some advantages.
i.e. they state they state in their "why another one?"-section:
  • nagging its users to make a paid subscription
  • annoying its users with advertisements or spam
  • cancelling hosts or accounts after a short period of non-usage
  • hiding the few free features almost undiscoverably between a ton of commercial-only features
so check it out and a nice day to all of you!

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