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Re: [tor-relays] tor-relays Digest, Vol 35, Issue 25

On 13-12-30 07:14 AM, Oliver Schönefeld wrote:
> i don't know, who knows how tor-weather sends the t-shirt e-mail.
> i took a look at the code and found that the mail is sent after 1464
> hours of uptime (=61 days), checking every hour.
> according to this the downtime due to updates is really not that relevant.
> i'd guess that there are approx. 3 or 4 updates in the required 2
> months, which would "cost" you an equivalent amount of hours.
> i don't think that it matters whether you get your mail 3 or 4 hours later.
> so i think the algorithm is fine.

the algorithm could arguably be finetuned but keep in mind that t-shirts
and other adcessories have a cost to produce and ship -
money that could be going into research, development, legal support,
lobbying, network growth etc.
maybe thats the *real* reason every Tor client isnt a relay ;)

the t-shirt in the mail was a great milestone and i still wear it
proudly, but after a couple years and hundreds of dollars i wouldnt mind
the occasional bonus appreciation.

what about a lottery-like system for recognizing relays, where you get a
ticket by relay fingerprint every N months of uptime and there are
multiple winners of goodies from
with quantity based on the project's promotion budget?

or could that be more appropriately run by a "friends of Tor" sort of
organization that buys stock from the store...

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