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Tor is out (security patches)

Tor does some code cleanup to reduce the risk of remotely
exploitable bugs. Thanks to Willem Pinckaers for notifying us of the
issue. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project has assigned
CVE-2010-1676 to this issue.

We also fix a variety of other significant bugs, change the IP address
for one of our directory authorities, and update the minimum version
that Tor relays must run to join the network.

All Tor users should upgrade.


Changes in version - 2010-12-17
  o Major bugfixes:
    - Fix a remotely exploitable bug that could be used to crash instances
      of Tor remotely by overflowing on the heap. Remote-code execution
      hasn't been confirmed, but can't be ruled out. Everyone should
      upgrade. Bugfix on the 0.1.1 series and later.
    - Fix a bug that could break accounting on 64-bit systems with large
      time_t values, making them hibernate for impossibly long intervals.
      Fixes bug 2146. Bugfix on 0.0.9pre6; fix by boboper.
    - Fix a logic error in directory_fetches_from_authorities() that
      would cause all _non_-exits refusing single-hop-like circuits
      to fetch from authorities, when we wanted to have _exits_ fetch
      from authorities. Fixes more of 2097. Bugfix on;
      fix by boboper.
    - Fix a stream fairness bug that would cause newer streams on a given
      circuit to get preference when reading bytes from the origin or
      destination. Fixes bug 2210. Fix by Mashael AlSabah. This bug was
      introduced before the first Tor release, in svn revision r152.

  o Directory authority changes:
    - Change IP address and ports for gabelmoo (v3 directory authority).

  o Minor bugfixes:
    - Avoid crashes when AccountingMax is set on clients. Fixes bug 2235.
      Bugfix on Diagnosed by boboper.
    - Fix an off-by-one error in calculating some controller command
      argument lengths. Fortunately, this mistake is harmless since
      the controller code does redundant NUL termination too. Found by
      boboper. Bugfix on
    - Do not dereference NULL if a bridge fails to build its
      extra-info descriptor. Found by an anonymous commenter on
      Trac. Bugfix on

  o Minor features:
    - Update to the December 1 2010 Maxmind GeoLite Country database.
    - Directory authorities now reject relays running any versions of
      Tor between and inclusive; they have
      known bugs that keep RELAY_EARLY cells from working on rendezvous
      circuits. Followup to fix for bug 2081.
    - Directory authorities now reject relays running any version of Tor
      older than That version is the earliest that fetches
      current directory information correctly. Fixes bug 2156.
    - Report only the top 10 ports in exit-port stats in order not to
      exceed the maximum extra-info descriptor length of 50 KB. Implements
      task 2196.

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