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One big problem


First, I was wondering if Tor is used or can be used to access Newsgroups? I realized I don't recall Newsgroups ever being mentioned by anyone and I used to like them when I lived in the States.

Now for the real problem. Please forgive me if this is off-topic but I need help real badly.
Is there anyone who really knows Mac, 10.5 Unix and Terminal who can give me some commands to use in order to login to my Mac?

We can do this at another email account if you wish.
For me: tlover@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

There is no one where I live who can help me. I keep searching forums and can't get an answer that works. I can give more detail outside of 'or-talk' as I don't want to piss anyone off by being off topic. I'm sorry if this already has.

I can access Terminal, create a new account but each time, the new password doesn't work!

anyway, hope someone out there can help me or all is lost!