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Re: System time in anonymity oriented LiveCDs

Jim wrote:

Thomas.Hluchnik@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Without understanding details of the tor design, did you mention that
tor knows the "real" time? So why dont you let tor set the right
time. There could be a torrc setting like "when connecting to tor
set system time according what tor says". This would enforce to
run tor as root, not as unprivileged user, but this is a Live
system, so this might be no problem(?).

Would this be a nice tor extension to help the LiveCD users?

Presumably some people will be running live CDs (or USBs) on systems
where they don't have the necessary privilege to set the system time.
To address these situations, what might be more useful is to be able to
tell Tor to offset the system clock by a given amount to get the "real
time".  Possbily in connection with this there could be a setting which
would cause Tor to automically determine this offset at initialization.

Oops. Sorry about responding to my own post, but I just realized that the lack of permission problem I mentioned would pertain to running something like a Tor bundle from a USB stick on a public computer rather than a running a Live CD/USB. But I still think my proposal might be useful for that situation.

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