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Re: Index of hidden services?

> On the website describing how to set up a hidden service
> I saw a mention of a (hypothetical?) "Hidden Services Wiki"
> where pointers to hidden services are stored.  Does such a wiki exist?
> If so, where can I find it?

There could be rumors on the internet(s) that there may be a
mediawiki-based wiki with links to .onion sites at

There could also be rumors that there is a list of links at

There could even, possibly, be some search-engine at
> If not, what do people think about setting up such an index?
> It seems like it might be very useful for those operators of
> hidden services that want to expose them to a wider audience
> than just the people they give the .onion name to.  Being able
> to browse or search the hidden services might also be useful.

Expose? Wider audience? Nothing indicates I ever visited a hidden
service, but I doubt those who do and those who operate such sites, if
they even exist, require the "wider audience".
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