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Re: blutmagie law enforcement inquiry stats

Am 10.01.2011 20:42, schrieb Roc Admin:
> This is interesting. Could you detail time consumed in resolving the
> requests and any problems you ran into with authorities?

this morning arrived the first fax in 2011 requesting user data. Police
is back again from Xmas vacation ;-)

Using my template composing the answer and sending it thru a fax machine
usually takes less than 15min. I never did run into difficulties with
police so far. However I'm not sure what will happen at certain
country's airport immigration.

In most cases the police officers are quite polite and almost happy to
close their file cause the trace ends. I suppose it's much more easy to
deal with law enforcement if you appear 25 times a year on police's
radar than only once. At least they tend to believe my words.

regards Olaf
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