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Re: How to use Google Gadgets with Tor? - Is this possible?

Let's try some science. We need a control, so lets create a blank
Firefox profile. This requires running firefox with a command of
'firefox -P'. This will bring up the profile window and then you can
create a blank profile and try to set your proxy to use Tor and try it
again, and then try non-Tor. Then we can see if you get the same exact
results, or if your old profile got damaged by one of your addons (it
can happen).

If the issue does *not* happen with a fresh profile, try adding your
addons back one at a time until it does. Then maybe we can get


Mike - I'm not sure what happened before. I now am able to use Twitter inside Gmail with Tor, TorButton, and NoScript.

I have to do considerable accepting of various sites to get NoScript to function (since so much is being loaded from non-Gmail locations) but then it works just as if I was using Gmail without any proxies or add-ons.

Thanks for your help!
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