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Re: Is "gatereloaded" a Bad Exit?

> These people should not be Tor nodes.

Mike, I respectfully disagree. Anyone willing to allow traffic should be 
node. The tor project homepage makes no 'rules' when it 
comes to running a node. If you're willing to allow any traffic you're a 
suitable candidate, apparently in the opinion of the creators of that site 
and in mine. The fact is that some people are going to do things they 
shouldn't over *any* node, not just these that APPEAR suspicious. We have 
no idea why they're restricting access to those ports, even if it's 
just for logging what others are doing - they're still providing access. 
I'll use those nodes to read news articles and such, who cares if they log 
that? Users should understand what makes them secure when it comes to 
things they're doing across the internet - tor project or anyone 
participating should have absolutely zero responsibility, or concern, over 
traffic leaving the network. You can't protect people from their own 
stupidity. If someone insists on using insecure methods they're simply 
going to do it. Let's say I was a malicious node operator and I wanted to log a bunch of 
traffic -- I'm going to set up a node to allow all traffic and log what I 
can to avoid suspicion and the very thing that is happening on this list!. 
This is simple logic and I'm sure it's not lost on our *supposed* malicious node owners that we're currently discussing. The 
point I'm trying to make here is that even if these guys are just saying 
'fuck it, I'll just allow 80 and telnet so I can grab accounts' that's no 
reason to ban them. Users should be responsible for their own security 
*outside* of the network (and internally when it relates to activities on 
hidden services for that matter) - we shouldn't assume people are too 
stupid to know not to login to their bank(for example) over tor using 
plaintext. I say keep them around and use the hell out of them. If 
they're logging my hentai pictures well then more power to them - I hope 
they enjoy!

I realize my opinion doesn't mean a lot as I'm fairly new to 
this list  but there it is. (I'm not one of these exit operators btw as I 
would certainly allow all traffic)

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