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Re: [tor-talk] Postfix + Tor (Was: remailers)

On Monday 02 January 2012 12:40:52 Maxim Kammerer wrote:
> > I would imagine this sort of thing to be useful for, say, NGOs and people
> > in the field to have a secure decentralised email infrastructure.
> You don't need mail servers for such an infrastructure over networks
> like Tor and I2P, where nodes can have persistent addresses — see
> cables communication in Liberté Linux, which sends messages directly
> between hidden services / eepsites: http://dee.su/cables.

I cloned the git repo and looked at it. There's no CMakeLists.txt or 
configure, just a makefile which I'm apparently supposed to edit. 
cables/init/cabled is a /sbin/runscript script. None of my computers has a 
program called runscript. I'm guessing this is a Gentoo program?

Let's say that Alice and Bob want to send messages to each other. Alice is in 
Java, Bob is in Colombia, and they are online only in the evening. If I 
understand it right, Alice's Cables server tries to send directly to Bob's, 
so he never gets the message. Can Bob say "You can send my mail to Trent; 
he'll hold it till I'm online"?

Can you have multiple users on one Cables server?
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