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Re: [tor-talk] Thunderbird/TBB Config Question

In the TBB use the Vidalia Control Panel to set the Socks Port. Settings > Advanced > Edit current torrc. Add or modify the socks port line to read 'SocksPort 9050' or the port you wish Thunderbird to use. Save settings if you want them to persist.  

Follow the same steps as in the wiki. 
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Subject: [tor-talk] Thunderbird/TBB Config Question

Greetings in a New Year!

I've recently switched from Tor + Privoxy setup to the more convenient
TBB (Qt4.6.2) in a Linux environment. Under prior config. it
was easy to set up the Thunderbird email client for use with Tor.
However, after the TBB install the same configuration for T'Bird no


Perhaps ^^ is an old link? What is the best step? Because TBB
automatically uses SOCKS (at least for Aurora), perhaps I no longer need
bother with the manual set up in T'Bird?

If I were to recommend the Thunderbird setup with Tor to someone in a
country where an improper configuration might result in a knock on the
door in the middle of the night, I would want the margin for error as
near zero as possible. Even one non-anon log-in to email might cause
problems. Consider me professionally paranoid. 

Erich Kroener

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