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Re: [tor-talk] Real basic questions for linux

On 03/01/12 16:44, Øyvind Sæther wrote:
> Just ignore the Browser bundle bullshit, that's for stupid Windows
> users and pointless on *nix systems.

There's a good reason still to use the Tor Browser: it provides a
"standard" environment which is the same as every* other Tor user's.
Safety in numbers is never truer than with anonymity; compare with the
Black Bloc tactic often used at demonstrations. If everyone looks the
same it's much harder to identify individuals.

As soon as you use your own browser (stock Firefox, LWP::UserAgent,
whatever) you reduce your anonymity group substantially. If you're
unlucky you may have a unique browser fingerprint. And surprisingly you
don't need to be that unlucky for it to happen. Modern browsers leak A
LOT of information. And building a custom browser that doesn't leak will
make you stand out even more - unless we all use the same custom
browser, of course...


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