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Re: [tor-talk] Country statistics details

On 09.01.2012 10:47, Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) wrote:
> i wanted to ask the list, what do you think about improving the
> statistics for the country of use of Tor, so that there would also be an
> additional regional details for large countries?

There is a Maxmind GeoIP database on country-level, and one on
"city-level" that gives the wrong impression of accuracy. The country
level database is 680kb, the city-level database is 30 MB. As far as I
remember, the size was the main reason for not using it. I don't know if
the two are interchangeable per node, and if metrics supports finer
granularity when reported.

Vidalia in the past used remote service lookups to avoid shipping with a
30MB database.

Also, there's probably a lot of anonymity issues hidden here, especially
with small countries/low usage?

Moritz Bartl
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