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Re: [tor-talk] Tor VPN Server selfmade

Thank you for checking!

>> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/TorVPN
> The VM isn't rewriting your resolv.conf. It's either dhcpd or
> some other network configuration wizard on the host. Find it
> and use it's capabilities, or shut it down and do manual.

You were right. The minimal Ubuntu Server install hasn't done this.

> Try to use simpler network addressing instead of random
> IP's and masks all over the place.
> - vm1
> - vm2
> - host
> - wan, whatever, etc

That looks simpler. Unfortunately it's not that easy. Not all IP ranges
may be used in VMware. Only IPs listed under Virtual Network Editor, DHCP
do work, others are not routable. Might be possible to change this but I
thought not to change VMware is the least of the worse.

> If vm1 can ping any configured address other than its own and its
> vpn termination address, something is broken.

Yes, this is fortunately not the case.

> At times the language is off, see about working with a local English
> speaker that you know.

I am sorry for that. I was hoping for some collaboration, community work.

> Make a sketch with IP's and VM's.

Good idea.

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