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[tor-talk] reply-to: list surprising on a privacy-centric list

I just sent a private reply to a posting here.  I was surprised that
reply began to compose a message to the list instead of to the
individual sender as it should have, but did notice in time.  The
problem of course is the Reply-To: header that points to the list.

I know there are pro and anti list reply-to camps.  In my view, the
biggest problem with list reply-to is that people using MUAs as they
were designed can easily intend to send a private reply and instead have
it posted to the world.  That is a serious privacy bug, and it's
surprising that the tor list is set up this way, since TBB etc. goes to
great lengths to prevent privacy-leak mistakes.

(I noticed the problem on the gmane gateway, but public archives of the
list show the header too.  Sorry if this is fixed already and also a bug
in gmane and I'm wrongly ranting.)

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