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[tor-talk] FireFTP & FireSSH

Hi all. I just want to inform tor-talks that I had a productive dialog
with these extension`s developer and FireFTP`s DNS leakage is fixed
now. If someone interested - please make some testing.

Here are some details of our conversation:

Hey Greg,
I think I might have a solution for this.  I've uploaded a new version
to my site for you to test:


Sweet!  Great to hear that it worked.

Sure, you can pass the news to the Tor maillist - didn't know there was
a thread about this :P

Yes, correct, the same fix will be made in FireSSH as well.  I will
probably release a new version after I get some other fixes in, perhaps
in a week or two, it depends.

Thanks again for your feedback and help - other users of Tor I'm sure
will be happy :)

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