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Re: [tor-talk] reply to: Tor survey

On 01/12/2012 02:58 AM, Marco Valerio Barbera wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> some of you received an email message from me a few hours ago about a
> survey I am doing on the effectiveness on a DoS attack on the Tor
> Network. I am writing you because I received a few, worried, private
> messages asking me to give some more detail about it on this mailing
> list.
> As I stated in the email I sent, the aim of my study is that of
> evaluating whether a certain DoS attack that uses the Tor protocol
> constitutes a real danger to the Tor Network or not. The DoS attack I
> am taking in consideration tries to keep a Tor Relay busy performing
> expensive cryptographic operations making it impossible for it to
> process requests coming from honest clients/relays.

Probably it would make sense to disclose the certain attack's name or
details - I think I can guess but why guess when you can disclose? :)

All the best,
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