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Re: [tor-talk] How to make 100.000 bridge?

--- On Fri, 1/13/12, Runa A. Sandvik <runa.sandvik@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Or just https://cloud.torproject.org/

Perhaps this is naive question, but has anyone considered targeting bridge users directly?  In other words, if someone lives in a censored region, why not make it trivial for them to run their own personal EC2 bridge?  This way it will likely never be blocked.  After all, wouldn't it be better to get volunteers to host relays or exit nodes than it would be to get them to host bridges?  Make it simple and easy for people to have their own bridges and no longer rely on volunteers for bridges at all.

Do bridges support a password or key to access them?  If so, then users could ensure that others are not using their personal bridge.  Access control might even help further disguise such bridge from being probed and recognised as bridges?

This seems so obvious to me, that I suspect it is completely flawed...


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