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Re: [tor-talk] x509 cert mismatch gmail badexit

> If you get strange Google certs, please report them to me including the full
> PEM chain (openssl s_client -showcerts will output them.)

Yeah, x509 is no problem. Now if Tor would have a config
option to log just the socks_request that was made to the exit_node that
was used, that would make things easy. I'd log all my stuff because it's
immensely useful, especially with 'Tamper Data' and packet tools.

As it is now, either:
- hopping manually into the Tor console is too late because the data expired.
- we have to console log two things and trim a lot of fat to get the pairing.
usefeature extended_events
usefeature verbose_names
setevents circ
setevents stream
getinfo circuit-status
getinfo stream-status

Unless we're already watching the console, much easier to just newnym and
forget it. Something like 'LogReq2Exit <file|facility:level>' would be nice.
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