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Re: tor+privoxy on openbsd: problems

dick@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

[snip netstat output]

You got further than I ever did with OpenBSD (3.6 on i386). For me, Privoxy could open and send through two or three streams, but then it would lock up and not be able to open any more.

my guess is that there's a configuration issue with privoxy,
but i only changed it as recommended in the aforementioned

I think it's something with the OpenBSD + Privoxy interaction. Other network applications (including Tor; I run two OBSD Tor servers) are obviously fine on OpenBSD, and Privoxy is fine on all other platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux). You and I are not the only people with Privoxy problems on OBSD.

Can you try a ktrace on Privoxy, and maybe post the output on a web page or something?

change the TCP timeout settings?

Worth a try, I guess.

in the meantime i'll try to install tor from the newest source

Yes, definitely. Tor is ancient. It's probably not the cause of your problem, though.

if i can get tor+privoxy to reliably proxy http and https, i
will start up a server right quick and give back one of the
few things i can right now, bandwidth.

Much appreciated! If you run your Tor server on OBSD, be sure to open up the ulimits all the way (especially maximum memory size and number of open files).