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Re: Anonymous/Nonymous Communication Coexisting?

* maillist (maillist@xxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Hi
> I'm running Tor on my router (Debian Sid) that transparently proxies
> connections through Tor. This way you dont need to configure any clients.
> for http-traffic:
> client - iptables (idenfication by ports and L7) - squid - privoxy - tor -
> server
> and for everything else:
> client - iptables - transsocks - tor - server
> I'm controlling with iptables what gets  proxied and what not, everything
> else is proxied through Tor expect VPN-connections and connections to couple
> of trusted servers. Udp, icmp and other protocols except tcp are dropped at
> the router. This way connections by software and games that "call home" are
> also proxied through Tor.
> Markus

I'd be very happy to see an example of those iptable rules, Markus.  Sounds
pretty clever to me as a configuration.