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Re: IRCNet abuse

--- tor <tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb:

> Gee... if it can be exposed by sniffing then it isnt
> much of a privacy 
> network. Tor operators/developers should Always
> sniff their servers 
> traffic at least occasionally to see if holes or
> information is being 
> exposed.

Just to be clear: I was referring to the EXIT traffic
from the last node out into the internet, which is (of
course) unencrypted. I don't see what information
about tor itself could be obtained there.

> ps not only is it NOT rude it is completely legal in
> the US at least to 
> monitor the traffic to/from a given server if you
> own that server, this 
> is completely a legal action under ECPA.

Well, I don't know about the US and I would not claim
to do so. However, in Germany and probably in other
European countries, it is illegal because you are
acting as a kind of telecommunication provider and are
therefore not allowed to read the personal data you
are transmitting. (At least that's my understanding,
not being a lawyer and all that.)  European data
protection laws are much stricter that the US ones,
although they are working on that...



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