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Re: Anonymous/Nonymous Communication Coexisting?

On Wednesday 08 June 2005 04:20, yancm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Is it possible to have a single application, such as a web
> browser or a p2p client behave normally with normal url's but
> use tor if the url is an xyz.onion address? Or is it
> everything or nothing?

This is basically a question of using your proxy or not. You can 
control the behaviour of your browser in great detail writing a 
proxy.pac program in Javascript and setting that program as the 
proxy autoconfiguration URL in your browser.

An example:

kris@jordan01:~> cat /srv/www/htdocs/proxy.pac

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
        var proxy_yes = "PROXY jordan01.int.cinetic.de:3128";
        var proxy_no  = "DIRECT";

        // Redirect all accesses to mlan hosts to the mlan proxy
        if (dnsDomainIs(host, ".mlan.cinetic.de")) {
                return proxy_yes;

        // Everything else is direct
        return proxy_no;

So here the program checks if the destination is a mlan-Host, and 
if so, uses the appropriate proxy on jordan for the access, 
while all other accesses are direct.

You could do a similar thing with .onion accesses with a trivial