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Re: Tor is out

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will there be a Debian package too?


On 10.06.2005 02:15, Roger Dingledine wrote:
| This is the ninth release candidate for the 0.1.0.x series. This release
| fixes some memory bloating, disables threads on Solaris, and includes
| some important security fixes for Win32.
| This is the one, I can feel it!
| (We have one bug left, which is some weird behavior with FreeBSD and
| libevent 1.1. Let us know if you're experiencing these crashes too.)
| http://tor.eff.org/download.html
|   o Bugfixes:
|     - Reset buf->highwater every time buf_shrink() is called, not just on
|       a successful shrink. This was causing significant memory bloat.
|     - Fix buffer overflow when checking hashed passwords.
|     - Security fix: if seeding the RNG on Win32 fails, quit.
|     - Allow seeding the RNG on Win32 even when you're not running as
|       Administrator.
|     - Disable threading on Solaris too. Something is wonky with it,
|       cpuworkers, and reentrant libs.
|     - Reenable the part of the code that tries to flush as soon as an
|       OR outbuf has a full TLS record available. Perhaps this will make
|       OR outbufs not grow as huge except in rare cases, thus saving lots
|       of CPU time plus memory.
|     - Reject malformed .onion addresses rather then passing them on as
|       normal web requests.
|     - Adapt patch from Adam Langley: fix possible memory leak in
|       tor_lookup_hostname().
|     - Initialize libevent later in the startup process, so the logs are
|       already established by the time we start logging libevent warns.
|     - Use correct errno on win32 if libevent fails.
|     - Check and warn about known-bad/slow libevent versions.
|     - Pay more attention to the ClientOnly config option.
|     - Have torctl.in/tor.sh.in check for location of su binary (needed
|       on FreeBSD)
|     - Correct/add man page entries for LongLivedPorts, ExitPolicy,
|       KeepalivePeriod, ClientOnly, NoPublish, HttpProxy, HttpsProxy,
|       HttpProxyAuthenticator
|     - Stop warning about sigpipes in the logs. We're going to
|       pretend that getting these occassionally is normal and fine.
|     - Resolve OS X installer bugs: stop claiming to be in
|       certain
|       installer screens; and don't put stuff into StartupItems unless
|       the user asks you to.
|     - Require servers that use the default dirservers to have public IP
|       addresses. We have too many servers that are configured with private
|       IPs and their admins never notice the log entries complaining that
|       their descriptors are being rejected.
|     - Add OSX uninstall instructions. An actual uninstall script will
|       come later.
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