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Re: Tor Hardware Router (Tor in a box)

On 6/12/05, onion-dt <numE@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> i talked to some ppl about this point and so far all of them
> thought, that it could be a good idea - so i want to present my idea to
> you, too.
> In my opinion it would be a good thing for spreading tor,
> if tor would be easier for end-users.

I worry, at this point, about the maturity of Tor and if we're ready
for this kind of mass-promotion. Maybe Roger and Nick feel differently

Of course it's good for everyone to have more users of Tor in terms of
anonymity sets and the like so, in that light:

* How many SSL handshakes per second / AES MB/s can this CPU handle
and are there silly limitation about the bandwidth across the bus?
(Someone could actually need to have one of these boards to find this
* based on the above we can take a guess about how well this will
perform as an OP and OR.
* I'm not too excited that the config scripts are written in PHP - but
I guess it's better than shell script :) How about a Linux based
solution rather than FBSD? Since the development happens on Linux
that's probably the best platform.

As much as auto updates are a security issue I should think that any
end-user plug-it-in-and-never-have-to-fiddle-with-it box will have to
support it. Not too much of an issue, but something to think about.


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