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Re: upgraded server not responsive?

On Fri, Jun 17, 2005 at 09:19:31PM +0200, carmee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I upgraded to and the fingerprint changed.
> So I re-registered it as a server. Now more than 12 hours
> later I'm still listed as an 'unresponsive' server[1]. I'm
> pretty sure I'm using the same configuration and firewall.
> So what am I doing wrong. Thanks :)

Well, the problem was that you upgraded your server and changed its key.
Check out
for instructions on how to upgrade and continue using the old key.

What you're seeing now -- the fact that your server isn't listed --
is because of's automatic self-reachability detection. Your
server is trying to build a circuit in the Tor network back to itself
to see if it can, and because it's suddenly using a new key, and all
the other servers out there know about the old key, nobody is willing
to believe this new key, so they refuse to connect.

This means your server won't be able to find itself to be reachable
until the old descriptor disappears from the directory, which will be
about 24 hours after it was last published.

At that point your server will discover it is reachable (if I don't have a
bug ;), and it will begin publishing a server descriptor with the new key.

Hope this helps,