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Bandwidth Limiting

Hey all.  

Since I upgraded my router it's been behaving a lot better, but it looks to
still be having the problem we talked about earlier, with too many TCP
connections.  Periodically it is restarting itself with an error posted to
its log about a SYN attack, which is certainly symptomatic of too many TCP

So I'd like to limit Tor's bandwidth on my server.  Problem is, I'm not sure
where to do that.  I found this entry in the FAQ:


But it doesn't actually state in there where the BandwidthRate and
BandwidthBurst options may be found.  I looked in the torrc file but didn't
see anything there.  Am I just missing something obvious here?  

Thanks!  :-)

Pat Frank                                             pat@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Miami, FL                                         http://www.patfrank.com 

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