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RE: Tor as windows service

I think when I set it up as a service, first I copied all of the stuff from
my Application Data\Tor folder (under documents and settings\username), and
then made changes to the torrc file in the program files\tor directory:

===> "Log notice file C:\Program Files\Tor\debug.log"
===> "DataDirectory C:\Program Files\Tor" - I think this is the important

Basically, it all runs out of the program files\tor directory, so you have
to make sure your keys are there...

If you change the "Log" line from "notice" to "info" or "debug", making sure
its going to a file you should be able to get it all cleared up pretty


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I cant seem to get my service working correctly. I followed the
instructions in the wiki, but it always seems to crash and get an
error when the service tries to start ("Could not start the service
tor win32 on Local Computer - Error 0xffffffff: 0xffffffff").. seems
to work fine from the command line though. Im running WinXP Corp...

On 6/23/05, Bob <tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> Hi,
> I am running a Tor client at work, and I was wondering how I could get rid
> of the Tor window (the shell window).
> I read somewhere that it was possible to run Tor as a NT service. How do I
> run  start Tor as a NT service, I can't find anything in the manuals etc.
> I'm running it on win2000 without admin rights.
> Thanks,
> Martin
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