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Re: Tor as windows service


Thanks for the reply's everyone :)
I just copied the torrc file to the tor program directory and installed
Tor as a sevice with the -install command.
It worked perfectly.


mbgsvq102@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi Martin,
>>>I am running a Tor client at work, and I was wondering how I could
> [..]
>>>running it on win2000 without admin rights.
> If you follow the instructions in the FAQ (posted by Bob) and remember
> to copy the files in the DataDirectory to C:\Program Files\Tor (posted
> by Bob & Pat Frank) everything should work.
> If Tor needs to have Administrator rights, start Services (from Control
> Panel | Administrative Tools or just type services.msc from a command
> prompt), right-click on the Tor service and select Properties. Click on
> the Log On tab and check that it's set to Local System account. If it
> still doesn't run you can force it to use a specific user account
> (either Administrator, or a user that you've created that belongs to the
> Administrators group).
> Hope that helps.