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Re: Can't connect through proxy

On 2005 June 25 at 11:46:27 +0200, Martin Balvers wrote:
> Try putting HttpsProxy in your torrc file.
> Martin
> Karl Sackett wrote:
> > Tor under WinXP.  It was working fine until our network was
> > changed to send all traffic through a proxy.  I opened up torrc and
> > added lines for FacistFirewall and HttpProxy.  But here is the output
> > from notice.log:

No joy.  I added an HttpsProxy line and got the same results.  I
experimented with going through the proxy directly and found that it
expects all traffic to go through port 80.  So I next tried

  HttpProxy proxy.foo.com:80
  HttpsProxy proxy.foo.com:80

and that didn't work either.  What should I try next?


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