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Re: [off topic] Configuring an IP blind Apache server

Jonathan D. Proulx wrote:
> I'd like a _reverse_ anonymizing proxy, something that blinds Apache
> to the incoming IP adresses in client HTTP requests.  I run a
> webserver with a couple of virtual servers (in the apache sense not
> the Xen/VMWare sense) run by different people and I'd like to scrub
> the IP info from traffic before Apache gets it so that neither their
> vhost configs nor their CMS can log IPs even if they want to.
> It seesm like there should be a way to plub in privoxy or something,
> but I can quite think how.  Any suggestions or pointers?

I was thinking about this problem a while ago and found that a Squid web proxy
could be used to answer HTTP requests. Squid would then forward the requests to
another proxy (Privoxy) see:


There is some discussion of this method and security implications at:


Philippe Gauthier <philippe.gauthier@xxxxxxxxx>

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