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Re: Firefox through Tor

Hi Eric,

Yes, I am sure about that. When I start up Firefox I get the current IP
from ipid.shat.net and the status line tells me that I am using a remote
squid-proxy. When I press reload I get the proxy's IP address.

Same thing happens when I close Firefox and start up again so cache
should have been proxy now... It looks to be a sync problem with the
enabling of foxyproxy and the use of the home-page upon startup.

I am using an updated Dapper with Firefox

Best of luck with the testing! This is not a problem for me now that I
know about it, but it should not be there :)

 - Lasse

Eric H. Jung wrote:
> Hi Lasse,
> Very strange. I tested this thoroughly so I don't know why you're
> seeing different results. Are you sure the page isn't cached in Firefox
> already?
> Thanks,
> Eric
> --- Lasse �verlier <tor@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi Eric,
>> This is an important feature announcement in an otherwise great
>> extension:
>> If you have a homepage in the browser loaded upon startup, it does
>> NOT
>> use the foxyproxy settings on this first page! A later reload will be
>> done through foxyproxy...
>> I guess people can see the potential problems themselves. Test
>> http://ipid.shat.net/iponly as startup page.
>>  - Lasse