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ISP Policies

    First, thanks to everyone who contributes to this list, to the
development of Tor, the TorCP, Vidalia, and if any of the authors of
Privoxy are around, those fine folks. I've learned a lot just lurking.
    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with BellSouth (the
FastAccess DSL service) and their policy towards running an intermediate
(non-exit) node. Alternatively, where do ISPs usually have this
information, (what search terms to enter at the site)?
    I mention this because I'd rather not get nasty letters about
"abuse", but also want to contribute, and with the new Vidalia control
panel, it seems a lot easier. I don't have money to contribute, but I
can run a relay node...my little blow against the system.

    Also...anyone who doesn't have a Gmail address and wants one, knows
someone who wants one, or knows some site thats passing them on...get in
touch with me: kyfho23@xxxxxxxxx . Seems silly to have 100 of the
things, and no takers.

    Again...thank you all for the education & hard work (I know from my
limited experience that coding is tedious). And thanks for believing in

Christopher W.