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Tor bandwidth requirements (was: Some legal trouble with TOR in France)

On Mon, May 15, 2006 at 02:11:15PM +1000, glymr wrote:

> If you really care about your legal safety and the anonymity of the
> network, you should be contributing, even if only enough to permit
> half of a 56k dialup connection (ie 1-2kb/s) to relay traffic.

The Tor documentation states that 20k/sec each way is the minimum
requirement for a Tor server. If that documentation is wrong, and lower
bandwidth would still be useful, I'd be happy to run a server.

I could definitely offer 10k, perhaps 15k. I think it'd be useful if Tor
would be happy with 5k, since that will make running Tor servers on the
increasingly popular (in the UK) 128kbit upstreams feasible.

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