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Re: Some legal trouble with TOR in France +

crackedactor@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Child porn is a different matter, it threatens the Tor network!
It is best handled easier by a url/site/ip block list on the EXIT nodes. to protect itself Torland should put a site uo tp create this block list and Tor EXIt servers use it if they wish.
Eg <16+,<18+,<21+ lists, then EXIT servers put on the lists approprate tio theuir region.
Also the client side of Tor could be have a user configuration to NOT "obtain" pages/images/etc from URL/IP on these list according ot the confugration they set. This protects them from that.
Police could even add to this list and child protection/free speech groups could double check to stop speech "censorship".
Porn. Sex. Illegal porn. Blahblahblah. Total crap.

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