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Re: Some simple changes to the tor architecture I believe may greatly improve it

2. Make all clients run a 1.5kb/s server as a minimum by default. The
more nodes the better the anonymity. Make this serving behaviour
mandatory as a minimum contribution to the network for any person using
it (see below for an idea of how to eliminate any node not relaying
traffic below)

Few ISPs will be happy to receive the inevitable abuse complaints, and the consequences are not difficult to anticipate. Furthermore, the mere possibility of the police turning up with a search warrant would be likely to put most people off ever running tor. You might also want to consider that tor is useful to users behind web filters before you compel everyone to run servers.

Perhaps you might want to implement you suggestion based on the existing tor sources, and see how well it catches on? I am sure it will become popular if it is a "great improvement" over what we have now.

TorUser (who runs a 24/7 middleman node but would never even consider allowing unrestricted exit traffic)