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RE: Some legal trouble with TOR in France +

I have to agree there. Any porn is just pictures. Why shouldn’t you look at pictures? Who says it not ‘art’. When does art stop and porn begin?


In the UK what is considered ‘porn’ that you can only subscribe to on a private satellite channel that only broadcasts after midnight is ridiculously soft. They cant even show entry shots. Supposedly to protect children from seeing it – when it would be legal if sold as a sex education video!. If you start censoring things then its hard to stop and you end up with ridiculous situations like this.


The problem with certain types of pictures is what is required to produce them, rather than the pictures themselves…And even then it’s a point of view as to where the limits are.



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I want to add my two cents about child porn. Censorship is censorship, it doesn't matter what you censor or by what logic you censor. Banning child porn is censorship, copyright is censorship, and stopping people from speaking who have opposing political views is censrorship. It seems to be a well known fact that freenet is filled with pedophilia, yet freenet is just fine and dandy. If pedophilia was a real threat to privacy services, then proxies wouldn't exist.

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crackedactor@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Child porn is a different matter, it threatens the Tor network!
> It is best handled easier by a url/site/ip block list on the EXIT nodes. to protect itself Torland should put a site uo tp create this block list and Tor EXIt servers use it if they wish.
> Eg <16+,<18+,<21+ lists, then EXIT servers put on the lists approprate tio theuir region.
> Also the client side of Tor could be have a user configuration to NOT "obtain" pages/images/etc from URL/IP on these list according ot the confugration they set. This protects them from that.
> Police could even add to this list and child protection/free speech groups could double check to stop speech "censorship".
Porn. Sex. Illegal porn. Blahblahblah. Total crap.

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